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These are some of my own projects. I decided to publish them as open source. They are well tested because I use them myself every day. Maybe you like one of them.

Most of them I made availabe as a Ruby Gem. The easiest way to install them (and their dependencies) is to add this address to your gem server list: Bertram Scharpf Gems.

And here they come:

RbFind: Like the Unix 'find' tool, but using Ruby expressions.

Ruby-PgSQL: Yet another Ruby PostgreSQL library.

Ruby-Supplement: Some Ruby methods I am still proposing for the standard.

Hermes: Easy CGI and mail generation and handling

Autorake: A build tool used by the above projects.

Ruby-PJL: Printer Job Language: printcap filters

Ruby-MSCSV: Read the shitty pseudo-CSV written by Excel

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