class Pg::Conn

The class to access a PostgreSQL database.


require "pgsql"
conn = :dbname => "test1"
res = conn.exec "select * from mytable;"

See the Pg::Result class for information on working with the results of a query.

Public Class Methods

Pg::Conn.connect( hash) → conn click to toggle source
Pg::Conn.connect( str, hash) → conn
Pg::Conn.connect( hash) { |conn| ... } → obj
Pg::Conn.connect( str, hash) { |conn| ... } → obj

Without a block this is the same as If a block is given, the connection will be closed afterwards.

pgconn_s_connect( int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE cls)
    VALUE pgconn;

    pgconn = rb_class_new_instance( argc, argv, cls);
    return rb_block_given_p() ?
        rb_ensure( rb_yield, pgconn, pgconn_close, pgconn) : pgconn;
Pg::Conn.parse( str) → hash click to toggle source

Parse a connection string and return a hash with keys :dbname, :user, :host, etc.

pgconn_s_parse( VALUE cls, VALUE str)
    VALUE params;

    params = rb_hash_new();
    connstr_to_hash( params, str);
    return params;