supplement 2.2.1 – Useful Ruby enhancements

Some simple Ruby extensions.


These are methods on standard classes that didn't manage to become part of the Ruby interpreter. (Although, some are part of Ruby 1.9/1.8.7 but not 1.8.6).

They are all very small, most of them have less than 15 lines of code. So they would not be a weight in the Ruby interpreter but it is very difficult to convince a majority that they belong there.

The methods won't be useful for everybody but some programmers may like to make them part of their programming style.

If you like to get taunted, then go to the Ruby mailing list and propose one of them to be included into the Ruby standard.


In my own code I use quite often a method String#notempty? that does almost the same as Numeric#nonzero?. Every attempt proposing it for the Ruby standard implementation has failed; the discussion evolves the same every time.

Now here it is where I can just point to.

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